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My Books
Not counting poems, letters and other writings


1st book - Project Lifeguard (Novel) (Winds of a Californian Kingdom)

2nd book - Storm Maze (Novel) (Winds of a Californian Kingdom)

3rd book - How To Eat Candy (Novella) (Winds of a Californian Kingdom)

4th book - Fruit Punch (Novelette) (Winds of a Californian Kingdom)

5th book - Minarchy Tabletop Role-Playing Game (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3)

6th book - Cloud JR: First Flight (children's book, written and illustrated by myself)

7th book - Cloud JR: Good Times (children's book, written and illustrated by myself)

8th book - WORKING TITLE: STORM MAZE 2 (Winds of a Californian Kingdom)


Aside from Minarchy v1.3, none of my books are for sale and if you see something for sale at the current moment - I'm not profiting from it.

Cloud JR: First Flight and Cloud JR: Good Times coming to my eBay account soon, check the home page for links soon.


I'm currently writing "Storm Maze 2" (working title) and will re-release Project Lifeguard, Storm Maze, How To Eat Candy, Fruit Punch and "Storm Maze 2" as one massive book - thus finishing the series.

It started out as a single novel (Project Lifeguard), which ended up becoming an entire series of its own (The Winds of a Californian Kingdom) by Andrew Ayala (me) which will feature all five books rolled into one.

- Project Lifeguard (2018) Novel
(Written Manifesto Style, Alternate History)

- Storm Maze (2019) Novel
(Action, Adventure, Science Fantasy, Alternate History)

- How To Eat Candy (2020) Novella
(Slice of life, Romance, Comedy, Alternate History)

- Fruit Punch (2021) Novelette (Never before released)
(Erotica, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy, Alternate History)

- Storm Maze 2 (2024) Novel (Currently being worked on)
(Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Alternate History)

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